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Our males Betty Barkley Night And Day
Our females Whiptails Ice Is Nice Talking About Eva Mendes Gazolin Ticket To Ride Undimoon Lyra Tylko Ty Pistacia Tassimore Danceline Tassimore Peach Blossom Tassimore Geisha Tassimore Noblesse Tassimore Avalanche Tassimore Vienna Tassimore Fairline Tassimore Princess Tassimore Sunseeker
In co-ownership Tassimore Claude Monet
Previous dogs Play A While Midday Sun Tassimore Bridget Jones Tassimore Erin Brockovich Tassimore Calima Tassimore Hazienda
In loving memory Equus Farbror Folke Fänkål Equus Hasselsopp Sommarhagens San Salvador Adagio Connecting People Play A While Nokia Play A While The Longest Journey
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