Our plans for 2023.
We have two litters at the moment. We have no more puppyplans for 2023 or 2024.

Litter 1. 8 puppies (7+1) was born 10/1 2023. 3 Males are available.

Rocco Annie

Fennaur Mies Van Der Rohe x Tassimore Erin Brockovich (Only 5 months in photo)


Litter 2. 9 puppies (4+5) was born 30/1 2023. One female might be available for co-ownership.

Lejf Vilja

Skräddaregårdens Viljas Yabadabado x Tassimore Calima



Previous litters

Litter 1 2005 3+3 Ch Equus Hasselsopp x Feroiz Eccentric Electra
Feroiz Generous Garcia, Feroiz Gentle George, Feroiz Glamorous Graham,
Feroiz Gracious Grazia, Feroiz Glimmering Gail, Feroiz Galant Gabriela.

Litter 2 2007 2+2 Ch Equus Hasselsopp x Equus Mammas Mandel
Equus Rumex Crispus, Equus Rubus Idaeus, Equus Rosa Canina, Equus Rosa Majalis.

Litter 3 2010 6+4 Ch Play A While Nokia x Ch Adagio Captured Sunshine
Adagio Connecting People, Adagio Crowdstopper, Adagio Hand Built By Robots, Adagio Hello Moto,
Adagio On Demand Business, Adagio Think Different, Adagio Makes People Talk,
Adagio Move Your Mind, Adagio Motion And Emotion, Adagio Taking You Forward.

Litter 4 2011 1+3 Ch Play A While Nokia x Ch Airescot Royal Romance
Allettes Royal Pasodoble, Allettes Royal Lambada, Allettes Royal Samba, Allettes Royal Winervals

Litter 5 2011 2+4 Ch Play A While Nokia x Play A While Monday Or Thuesday
Whippmix Big River, Whippmix Jackson, Whippmix I Walk The Line,
Whippmix Next In Line, Whippmix Ring Of Fire, Whippmix There You Go.

Litter 6 2011 4+4 Ch Play A While Nokia x Ch Burnt Sienna Midsummer Breeze
Burnt Sienna Cottonwood Peak, Burnt Sienna Pikes Peak, Burnt Sienna Red Mountain,
Burnt Sienna Spread Eagle Peak, Burnt Sienna Cameron Mountain, Burnt Sienna Galena Peak,
Burnt Sienna Kenosha Mountain, Burnt Sienna Windy Peak

Litter 7 2012 5+2 Play A While The Longest Journey x Ch Betty Barkley Emotion
Betty Barkley New Wave, Betty Barkley Night And Day, Betty Barkley Nineteen Twenty,
Betty Barkley Ninety Miles, Betty Barkley No Limit, Betty Barkley Nordic Summer, Betty Barkley Northern Kiss

Litter 8 2013 3+3 Ch Play A While Nokia x Skräddaregårdens Stellas Orchidé
Skräddaregårdens Orchidé Solist, Skräddaregårdens Orchidé Sid, Skräddaregårdens Orchidé Solid,
Skräddaregårdens Orchidé Safari, Skräddaregårdens Orchidé Sansa, Skräddaregårdens Orchidé Sobell

Litter 9 2013 3+2 Play A While The Longest Journey x Magic Colour Cyber Queen
Magic Colour Lucky Journey, Magic Colour Mystery Journey, Magic Colour Silver Journey,
Magic Colour Amazing Journey, Magic Colour Love Journey

Litter 10 2013 4+1 Ch Play A While Nokia x Ch Xploring Going Bananas
Xploring Calling Elvis, Xploring London Calling, Xploring Private Caller,
Xploring You Can Call Me Al, Xploring Calling You

Litter 11 2013 3+4 Ch Play A While Nokia x Delirious Intangible
Delirious No Guts no Gain, Delirious Naughty But Nice, Delirious Northern Light,
Delirious Nothing Compares to You,

Litter 12 2014 3+4 Ch Play A While Nokia x Skyborne The Room Of My Life
Enjoy The Silence of Little Goblin, Ethan of Little Goblin, Evening Star of Little Goblin, Ebony And Ivory of Little Goblin, Estelle of Little Goblin, Eternal Flame Of Little Goblin Mit Mossbawnhill, Evening Star of Little Goblin

Litter 13 2014 4+1 Betty Barkley Night And Day x Dog Power's Chardonnay
Dog Power's Aldebaran, Dog Power's Altair, Dog Power's Antares,
Dog Power's Arcturus, Dog Power's Capella

Litter 14 2014 3+4 Ch Play A While Nokia x Ch Pendahr P.O.S.H
Pendahr Boardwalk Empire, Pendahr House Of Cards, Pendahr Merlin's Apprentice,
Pendahr Big Bang Theory, Pendahr Heartbeat, Pendahr Return To Cranford, Pendahr The Bletchley Circle

Litter 15 2014 2+4 Ch Play A While Nokia x Ch Play A While Lady Orlando
Play A While MR Dupper, Play A While Shelmerdine, Play A While Frost Fair,
Play A While Lady Clorinda Play A While Mrs Grimsditch Play A While Twitchett Escla

Litter 16 2015 6+1 Ch Play A While Nokia x Albicans Rakel
Cocoliso Jack of Diamonds, Cocoliso Jack of Hearts, Cocoliso King of Clubs,
Cocoliso King of Diamonds, Cocoliso King of Hearts, Cocoliso King of Spades, Cocoliso Queen of Hearts

Litter 17 2015 4+5 Play A While The Longest Journey x Talking About Cameron Diaz
Talking About Edward Norton, Talking About Elijah Wood, Talking About Errol Flynn,
Talking About Ethan Hawke, Talking About Elizabeth Taylor, Talking About Emily Blunt,
Talking About Emma Watson, Talking About Eva Mendes, Talking About Evangeline Lilly

Litter 18 2015 1+6 Betty Barkley Night And Day x Grybydals Victoria
Sunwhipps Keeper Of The Stars, Sunwhipps A Star From Heaven, Sunwhipps A Star Is Born,
Sunwhipps Simply A Star, Sunwhipps Where Stars Meet Dreems, Sunwhipps Wish Upon A Star
Sunwhipps Written In The Stars

Litter 19 2015 2+0 Betty Barkley Night And Day x Whiptails Ice Is Nice
Tassimore Here Comes Trouble, Tassimore Nothing But Chaos

Litter 20 2016 2+5 Ch Play A While Nokia x Ch Harroway Refection
Harroway Playboy, Harroway Playing By Heart, Harroway Playing Fair,
Harroway Playing For Keeps, Harroway Playing It My Way

Litter 21 2019 3+3 Ch Play A While Nokia x Gazolin Ticket To Ride
Tassimore Renown Unique, Tassimore Mount Tacoma, Tassimore Crispion Sweet,
Tassimore Angelique, Tassimore Peach Blossom, Tassimore Danceline

Litter 22 2019 2+4 Ch Klenods Valle x Talking About Eva Mendes
Tassimore The Illusionist, Tassimore Billy Elliot, Tassimore Erin Brockovich,
Tassimore Bridget Jones, Tassimore Saving Grace, Tassimore Amelie From Montmartre

Litter 23 2020 8+1 Ch Frontrunners Drunk On Love x Talking About Eva Mendes
Tassimore Mistral, Tassimore Harmattan, Tassimore Levante, Tassimore Pampero, Tassimore Maestro,
Tassimore Sirocco, Tassimore Brisote, Tassimore Cierzo, Tassimore Calima

Litter 24 2020 4+3 Ch Allettes Ruz Olive Musk x Undimoon Lyra
Tassimore Twix, Tassimore Lion, Tassimore After Eight, Tassimore Alladin, Tassimore Noblesse,
Tassimore Kit Kat, Tassimore Geisha

Litter 25 2021 5+0 Valanti Märk Hur Vår Skugga x Tassimore Danceline
Tassimore Cioccolato, Tassimore Limone, Tassimore Zabaione, Tassimore Pistacchio, Tassimore Nocciola,

Litter 26 2021 5+2 Springeldens Plupp x Talking About Eva Mendes
Tassimore Measure For Measure, Tassimore The Merchant Of Venice, Tassimore As You Like It,
Tassimore Love´s Labour´s Lost, Tassimore All´s Well That Ends Well,
Tassimore Much Ado About Nothing, Tassimore A Midsummer Night´s Dream

Litter 27 2021 2+4 Ch Jalessas Blue Moon x Gazolin Ticket To Ride
Tassimore Moonstone, Tassimore Sky Dance, Tassimore Miss America, Tassimore Avalanche, Tassimore Love Affair,
Tassimore Summer Glow

Litter 28 2022 3+3 Wolf Tone Atlas x Tassimore Peach Blossom
Tassimore Intenzo, Tassimore Corretto, Tassimore Mazagran, Tassimore Lavazza, Tassimore Hazienda,
Tassimore Vienna

Litter 29 2022 1+0 Valanti Märk Hur Vår Skugga x Undimoon Lyra
Tassimore Remi

Litter 30 2023 7+1 Ch Fennaur Mies Van Der Rohe x Tassimore Erin Brockovich
Tassimore Claude Monet, Tassimore Edvard Munch, Tassimore Leonardo Da Vinci, Tassimore Michelangelo, Tassimore Rembrandt, Tassimore Salvador Dali Tassimore Vincent Van Gogh, Tassimore Coco Chanel

Litter 31 2023 3+5 Skräddaregårdens Viljas Yabadabado x Tassimore Calima
Tassimore Bayliner, Tassimore Falcon, Tassimore Sea Ray, Tassimore Fairline, Tassimore Princess, Tassimore Sunseeker Tassimore Winga, Tassimore Yamarin


Mascot is a son from Nokias first litter out of C.I.B. Swe, Dk Ch, Swe LC Ch, Swe Track Ch, KbhW-07 Adagio Captured Sunshine.

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